Air Filter

Carbin Filter

Oil Filter

Fuel Filter

Transmission Filter

The air filters trapped the impurities from the air and reduce the damage to the engine caused by heavy traffic, dusty environment or dirty road.


If not for the filter, impurities from the air would go straight into the combustion chamber and put a lot of strain on an engine. Even the smallest dust particles can damage cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings and cause premature engine wear.


Contaminants from the air are greater than normal imagination, air filters should never be overlooked.


JALIEN designs the air filters to prevent foreign particles like soot, carbon and abrasives from entering the fuel mix and damaging your engine, and make sure the intake air keep clean and resist even the smallest particles.


It offers the greater optimum composition and help to improve overall engine performance especially in tough driving condition.

The cabin filter captured airborne contaminants from atmosphere while passengers and the driver breathe in the cabin of the car.


The cabin filter is vital for it relates to our health. Nowadays people spends a lot of time breathing contaminated air that circulates within the cabin, but poor quality air makes people tired and affects our concentration.


JALIEN designs the cabin air filter to stop most fine dust particles, allergens, pollen, soot and other pollutants from entering a vehicles interior.


The goal is to guarantee drivers and passengers' health and improve comfort and fresh air in car cabins with our quality products.

The oil filter trapped the impurities in the oil from the combustion chamber and engine parts during the friction process.


If not for the filter, impurities and combustion residues may damage the engine, the contaminants in oil would increase the wear of the moving parts, then the protection from wear is no longer guaranteed.


JALIEN designs the oil filter to get top quality and ensure consistent engine performance, offer great impurities removal ability and maximum engine protection.

The fuel filter trapped the impurities in the fuel when the fuel enters the engine.


The contaminants in the fuel may contain dirt, rust, scale, water and some solid particles which may plug injectors and carburetors and lead to engine system failures or deterioration.


JALIEN designs the fuel filter to protect fuel injection systems from impurities and it also adapts to many sensitive injection assemblies.


The undesirable dirt particles can be freed reliably in fuel by JALIEN fuel filters, it ensure the engine to run trouble free and smoothly, in order to get efficient engine performance.

The transmission filter is significant to the modern automatic transmission.


It's dependent on lubrication by collecting contaminants which consist of metal chips and flakes from gears before sending fluid to the transmission.


JALIEN transmission filters support perfect fluid lubrication and ensure cleanliness and fluidity of the oil to improve transmission life and help to minimize transmission damage.

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